Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Communing With San Antonio Nature

Little purple flowers at McClain Park

When we decided to visit my older son at college in San Antonio last weekend, I pondered what lenses I would bring to complement my Nikon D700. The Nikon 50mm lens is a no-brainer, because it’s easy to carry and great for low-light photo ops.

Then the Mister and our #2 son mentioned that they’d like to play disc golf in a couple parks, which made the Nikon 105mm, a great action and macro lens, another easy decision.

At the cactus edge

At McClain Park, where all three of my guys threw discs, there were a lot of trees. That made the lighting conditions tricky.

Old blue eyes is back! A damselfly poses.

Still, I was pleased at how I was able to capture a good photo with the 105 of one of the many damselflies close to the creek winding through the park.

A blue-black butterfly inspects the flowers.

As we were exiting the disc golf course, a large blue-black butterfly darted among the flowers. Snapping decent pix of butterflies can be so frustrating, because they tend to flit instead of pose. But today was my lucky day!

An orange butterfly hangs from a society garlic plant.

Times two! When I saw this pretty orange butterfly moving among the flowers (including the same society garlic that attracts dragonflies to my front yard) at a restaurant, I whipped out my camera and got up close and personal.

The #2 son tees off at Live Oak Park.

Still, my favorite animals to shoot while communing with nature are the human kind like this character. He’s cute, mostly tame, and occasionally he’ll even pose for me . . . albeit often unintentionally.