Random Musical Snippets

A one-eyed unicorn

Conversations With My #2 Son

Last weekend when we were driving in San Antonio, we, of course, were listening to our Sirius XM radio. Specifically, channel 23, which had become the all-Neil Diamond station in honor of the singer-songwriter’s new album.

Diamond’s new CD, “Dreams,” features him singing covers of his favorite songs. One of them is Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” One good thing about Neil is that he really enunciates every word, which, according to my younger son, Sir Elton never did.

My #2 son: “Did he just say ‘wild-eyed wanderer?'”

Me: “Yes, he did. Those are the lyrics.”

#2: “Oh. I thought it was ‘one-eyed unicorn.'”

Sure, that makes so much sense!

No commercials = music heaven!

Driving With an Old Fogie

I truly love satellite radio. To me it’s worth it to pay extra for no commercials. However, I’d consider going back to FM if it meant I could control the radio when the Mister is driving. Why? His choice of stations.

Three years might not seem like a long time, but it’s enough of a span that it means the Mister, who is 60, loves 50s music and the 50s on 5 XM channel. Which I do not. Slow and boring just doesn’t suit me. I much prefer the 60s on 6 and even the 70s on 7; I believe that the best music produced was from 1964 (e.g., the British Invasion) to about 1975.

I control the radio in my car, while the Mister rules the airwaves in his as I fume not so silently (as in, “Isn’t it about time to get hip, Grandpa?”). Meanwhile, our #2 son is oblivious to this musical warfare as he silently sits in the back with his earbuds firmly in place.

Must be nice to be plugged into your iPhone’s iPod, listening to music about one-eyed unicorns!

6 responses to “Random Musical Snippets

  1. EM,

    I don’t get it. I am the same age as Rick but I, too, hate that 50’s stuff. Howie likes it, but then again, he is three years older than me! Howie says he likes that it is sweet and wholesome.

  2. This is a great topic! I have to confess to being a channel surfer. I float from 50’s (I blame this for having a brother 5 years old than me) to 60’s to 70’s and once in a while, even the 80s (that’s from sharing radio time with my sons when they were growing up). I change the channel everytime I don’t particularly like a song. I’m sure this would make most people a little nuts if they were with me when I did this. (ok, if my son Matt could read this comment, he would say I do it on the boat a lot!).

  3. Susan,
    Michael and I have been together for 30 years. He has always liked classic rock. I’m good with that. Two years ago he decided country is better. Some country I like. 100% country drives me crazy. I sit in his car with a knot in my stomach. I feel for you.

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