A New Dragonfly Hangs Around

Not much to see on our pathetic-looking society garlic, especially not dragonflies.

Every day I gaze out on our front yard—specifically at our society garlic plants—hoping to see a dragonfly. But it’s been at least a month since one of my flying favorites has hung out. There.

Look at what’s hanging near the top of the minivan’s antenna!

Apparently, I needed to widen my view!

Last Saturday as I was pulling out of the garage in my Honda Pilot, I looked at the Mercury Villager sitting forlornly in the driveway, missing its former driver, my older son. As I slowly drove by it, I suddenly stopped and said, “Look at that!” To which my younger son, who was in the passenger seat, responded, “You know the window’s been broken for years, right?”

The wind whips the dragonfly’s wings forward.

That wasn’t what had caught my eye. Instead, I had seen a dragonfly clinging to the minivan’s antenna in the face of a brisk wind. My #2 son and I were on our way to meet the Mister for lunch, and we already were a little late. So, of course, I stopped the car, ran inside, and grabbed my camera. I wasn’t about to miss this opportunity!

The dragonfly kept adjusting his position to stay on the metal.

I snapped a few pics with the Nikon 70-200mm lens and then reluctantly drove off.  When I returned home about an hour later, guess who still was hanging around grooving on that antenna? I hustled inside and added the Nikon 1.7x teleconverter to the 70-200 so I could get closer to the dragonfly without physically getting in its face.

The d-fly hangs in there.

After taking a bunch of photos, I bid the d-fly a fond farewell and went inside. Later when I checked the antenna from the kitchen window, it was minus its winged visitor. I doubt that I’ll ever drive past the old minivan again without checking its antenna for an occupant.

You never know what will attract a dragonfly!


2 responses to “A New Dragonfly Hangs Around

  1. Love the story…so fun to find something special where you just HAVE TO take a picture. I do the same thing all the time! (actually carry the little Lumix everywhere I go). I also like the “sometimes you have to widen your view”…that’s a big life statement I think 🙂

    BTW did you print/frame that bird photo?

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