Daily Archives: November 10, 2010

Backyard Disc Golf Course Creativity

My #2 son tees off around a makeshift “tree” in his backyard disc golf obstacle course.

My younger son always has had a quirky, creative side. When he was much younger, he would take everyday household items, such as wooden spoons, cups, and plates, and put them together on the carpet to look like people. What a cheap way to stay entertained!

#2 putts to an unrestricted basket.

So it came as no surprise to me when he decided that he and his dad needed to practice for the trees they might face at future disc golf tournaments by creatively setting up their own obstacle course in our backyard. Using our two big garbage cans (thanks, JJ!) with old fence posts (thanks, Hurricane Ike!) leaning up against them, he fashioned a couple of makeshift trees to go along with our Bradford pear, David.

Tossing a disc around another makeshift tree

It was fun watching the two of them trying to avoid the “trees,” which made just as loud of a thwack when hit as do the real thing.

Time for Mom to duck!

Fun for me, that is, until my #2 son decided it was even more entertaining to throw discs at the photographer!

#2 uses a long pool pole to try to corral a wayward disc.

Fun for my younger son, that is, until a disc inevitably went over the fence, and he had to get it back. Sometimes he could scoop it up with the long pool pole net.

Climbing over the wall provides additional exercise.

But he usually had to climb over the wall to retrieve it. Don’t all boys like to climb?

#2 is pooped!

Somehow my younger son managed to get in a lot of good disc golf practice and extra climbing exercise all in the same afternoon. It’s great what a teen can do with ordinary things and a lot of creativity.