Good Luck to Our Band and Dance Team

The band and Angels walk together into the football stadium.

Regular readers know that our high school hasn’t fielded a successful football team in several years. Football being the state religion of Texas only makes it that much tougher for fans to show up and support our plucky squad.

Nick, one of our student conductors, smiles for the fans.

Fortunately, we’re blessed with a great marching band and dance team, the Angels. Many of us attend football games as much for the halftime show as the contest on the field. We know that the band and Angels are a winning combination that never lets us down. Plus they’re a great group of kids.

The Angels jump while the band plays on.

I had hoped that one of my sons would be a part of the high school marching band, particularly my older boy who didn’t have many outside interests (we figured that his younger brother would play sports in high school). But both of them were one and done with band after sixth grade with the rented clarinet and cornet, respectively, crying for mercy. At least I did have my “third son,” Chase, to cheer for as he marched all four years.

An Angel leaps among the band.

Today our band and Angels are in Indianapolis to compete in the Bands of America Grand National Championship. Their road to a hoped-for title begins tomorrow morning.

Percussionists in the pit work hard.

They have hundreds of dedicated fans—including many like me who aren’t related to them at all—who are wishing them well on their journey. We’ll be sending them good vibes when they play in the prelims at 10:30 a.m.

The Angels are a welcome contrast to the band.

Whether or not they return home with another trophy, we know that they’re already winners. They’ve brought pride to our school and a touch of class to every halftime performance.

Clarinet music fills the air.

Still, who are we to turn down some well-earned hardware? Good luck to our marching band and Angels! Be remembered!!

6 responses to “Good Luck to Our Band and Dance Team

  1. Good luck. Definately keep us posted. My son plays percussion in the marching band. He plays the marimba. His band doesn’t compete. Unfortunately it’s all about sports at his school. Sure the football team’s a state championship to its credit, but its nice when the non-sports activities get some glory, too.
    Those dancers look really athletic.

  2. Both my girls were in marching band. It was loads of extra hours! They made lots of friends, though!

  3. Susan, Cindy S. here, through my aunt Wanda’s computer. Do you know how the band placed? At home I have my bookmarks & such, but I am lost here in OKC (go Thunder!), all help appreciated!! thanks for the beautiful pics & thoughts Susan… you are fab!

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