Retro Photography

A not-so-fluffy fluffy

A couple weeks ago I got the urge to return to my digital SLR roots. So I picked up my old Nikon D70, my first dSLR, slapped on my old Nikon 28-200mm lens (slow but versatile), and went on a nature walk in my community.

The Nikon D70’s LCD is tiny!

Of course, first I had to get reacquainted with the D70, which I hadn’t used for three or four years. Man, its LCD (one and one-half inches wide) is minuscule in comparison to the D700’s (almost three inches wide)! Plus I’m able to set the D700’s LCD so that I can zoom in close to make sure eyes are open and what needs to be in focus actually is. No such luck on the D70. With my aging eyes, I can barely see what I’ve taken a photo of on its LCD. Almost like being back in the film days!

An upright row of fluffies

Still, the D70 was a wonderful workhorse back in the day and a faithful photographic friend. I took thousands of photos with it, and it rarely let me down.

A barkless tree

My walk down memory (card) lane proved that an old dSLR still has the right stuff to take great photos.

A squirrel isn’t eager to pose.

And it was nice to carry a camera that doesn’t feel like it weighs a ton after a half-hour or so of shooting.

A red dragonfly taunts me.

Still, when I saw a beautiful red dragonfly stop and pose for me on the sidewalk, oh how I wished I was carrying that heavy D700 and my wonderful Nikon 105mm macro lens! It’s nice to visit the past every now and then, but give me today’s technology any day.

Especially when it comes to capturing crisp pix of my favorite flying insect.


4 responses to “Retro Photography

  1. Still, you’re capturing nice moments. And that’s the mark of a true photogrpaher. I love the squirrels little hand on the fence.

  2. Hi Aunt Susan,
    I can actually see the difference (I think). Any chance you’re willing to sell your retro SLR? Chris and I have been tinkering with our pizza blog and should really take better photos than with our IPhones. We have a Nikon point and shoot that is slower than slow no matter what we do. Consequently the photos are almost always blurry. Thought I’d throw it out there to see since I really don’t need anything crazy fancy. Just something that I know will be able to take good pictures and won’t break the bank.
    Love reading about you, the Mister, and my cousins!

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