Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

Almost a Kick in the Head

The “goalposts” in our backyard in front of our Bradford pear tree, David

Remember how creative my younger son was with setting up a clever disc golf obstacle course recently? He changed things up last week and decided that those fence posts would make perfect goalposts.

My #2 son approaches the football.

Anyone ready for some backyard field goal kicking?

The kick is on its way.

For some reason my #2 son fancies himself to be a field goal kicker. He bought the red ballholder so he could practice. Why? I always chalk stuff like that up to one thing: He’s a boy. And boys can be quirky.

Oh oh! So much for one of the goalposts.

Boys also can miskick and break things (such as windows and picture frames, as I well know). Destruction just seems to be part of their genetic makeup. At least that’s the case with my #2 son, who sometimes is a walking disaster area.

Yet another field goal attempt

But I do really admire my younger son’s tenacity. He was so determined to kick faux field goal after faux field goal, with the football landing in poor David, our Bradford pear tree, causing him to lose a bunch of leaves.

Looks like the ball is about to head in the wrong direction.

Until #2’s final kick . . . which he poorly hit (as you can see above). Such that it was zeroing in on my head and beloved camera equipment! Remembering that pitiful broken fence post, I quickly ducked. The football missed me and landed in an old recycling container nearby. Whew! Photography can be dangerous!!

The boy collapses with laughter.

My son, of course, thought it was extremely funny.

Me? Not so much.