Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

Kind of Nuts

One of the many huge pecan trees in my community.

When the Mister and I were trying to decide where to build the house our boys would grow up in and remember 14 years ago, we looked at several different locations in the Houston suburbs. One of the reasons we picked the master-planned community we live in was because of the abundance of large pecan trees.

Well, that and the excellent schools, of course.

Pecan trees line our local bike path.

We were amazed at how pretty the neighborhood looked and were instantly smitten. We have no regrets that this home is where our hearts are.

There aren’t any small pecan trees here.

The property our community sits on used to be a sugar cane plantation. When I jog along the bike path, I look at these great, old trees and wonder what they’ve experienced during their long lives.

Pecans ripen up high on a tree’s branches.

So much has changed since they sprouted forth from the ground. Way back when, who would have expected that rows of houses would replace rows of crops?

The shell starts to open on one pecan. Eventually, it might be part of a pecan pie!

One thing that has never changed is how much pleasure these beautiful trees give to those fortunate enough to live nearby. Past, present, and, hopefully, future!