Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

Glove Ya!

My glove box

How many hands do I have? No, it’s not a trick question.

Yes, like most people, I have two of them (and like most moms, I could use a couple more).

Too many running gloves?

So why in the world do I own eight—yep, eight—pairs of running gloves?

Sidebar: It might seem like there would be absolutely no need for winter wear here in the Houston area. But temps can drop into the 30s and 40s overnight. As an early-morning jogger, I hate when my hands and ears are cold. I usually wear shorts no matter how frosty it is, but I cherish my long-sleeve shirts, gloves, and ear warmers. I even have a winter pair of headphones to wear with my iPod shuffle (they cover my ears)!

Everything is in its proper place on the laundry room shelf.

The other day I took a look at the bottom shelf in a cabinet in my laundry room and didn’t like what I saw. My running gear was strewn among three tightly fitting baskets such that I couldn’t easily get out what I needed. It was time for a change!

Extra containers enjoy more space on a nearby shelving unit.

So I took all the baskets off the shelf, added a couple more containers (that now reside on a large metal shelving unit near the washing machine), and divided everything up logically. What a difference some organization makes! I love being able to find what I need in an instant.

But it did mean that I finally could see how many gloves I own. Yikes!

Freebie gloves I picked up at the Chevron Houston Marathon expo.

The good news is that almost all the gloves were free, given away at the Chevron Houston Marathon expo each year. And it is nice to have a few extra, especially for when they get wet, and I need a pair for back-to-back runs.

But eight? I guess eight is enough!