Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

“Burlesque”: Great Dancing, Singing, and Cookies

Ali (Christina Aguilera) belts out a song.

Usually I have to drag the Mister to see musicals. Even though he likes chick flicks, when singing and dancing suddenly break out, he wants to head for the concession stand.

Yet the Mister thoroughly enjoyed “Burlesque.” In fact, we both liked everything about it: The stereotypical small-town-girl-makes-good-in-the-big city plot (with a couple interesting twists), the singing, the choreography (amazing at times!), and the acting.

Of course, it’s no surprise that film veterans like Cher (who looks amazing at age 64; of course, the plastic surgery does help) and Stanley Tucci (love him in just about every movie) carried out their roles wonderfully. But I’ve got to hand it to pop singer Christina Aguilera, who starred as Iowa native Ali wanting to make a big splash in Los Angeles. Not only can she sing (and, oh yes, she can belt ’em out with the best of them), but she was believable in this role.

Tess (Cher) is the perfect teacher for Ali.

I especially liked the development of the relationship between Cher’s character (Tess, owner of a neo-burlesque club teetering on the brink of bankruptcy) and Aguilera’s. It was nice to see a change from the fading star battles the ascendency of the new kid on the block. Weaving the narrative in between the songs was a nice touch, too.

Bartender and musician Cam Gigandet plays Ali’s love interest, Jack.

I also very much appreciated the nice male eye candy. Hunksters Eric Dane (Marcus) and Cam Gigandet (bartender and musician Jack) probably are good actors, too . . . not that I really noticed. My female readers shouldn’t be surprised if they have a craving for Famous Amos cookies after watching the movie.

See “Burlesque” for great singing and dancing and unique (ahem!) product placement. It really is a fun flick!