Finally: Just One More Month to Go!

My #2 son contemplates a YouTube video on the iMac. (November 13)

Okay, I’ll admit it . . . after I finished uploading my November 30th photo of the day and writing about it, I actually created a new dance. A cute, little number I like to call “Eleven Months Down, Only One Measly More to Go!”

Maybe “Burlesque” had a bad influence on me!

Superman darts across a darkening sky. (November 9)

Now that I have a mere 31 more photos of the day to snap and blog about, I realize how fast this year has flown by. Can someone invent a machine to slow down December? I have a feeling that before long it’ll be New Year’s day, and my first thought will be:

“Wow, no photo of the day to shoot!”

Wonder what my dance will look like on that day?!?

Worth Shouting About

Mom (left) and her twin sister Goldie with a dolphin on a 2004 cruise.

Happy 81st birthday to my wonderful, vibrant Mom and her twin sister Goldie! As I type, it’s a bone-chilling 24 degrees in the Chicago area. So what will my mother be doing today? Delivering meals on wheels. Is there a more-giving person than my mom, who also volunteers as an English as a second language teacher? I doubt it! Miss you, Mom!

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel!

A very joyous Chanukah to all who celebrate. It was sad for me to set out one lonely menorah for my younger son to start lighting tonight. We will miss our collegian, but we’re hoping to FaceTime with him so he can be part of our ceremony.

Good thing sunset is well before “Survivor” starts!


4 responses to “Finally: Just One More Month to Go!

  1. When You finish your project, you could put them all in a photo book to keep. Nat:)

  2. Wait…WHAT? Did I miss something somewhere along the line? Are you discontinuing your blog???

    • No, I’m NOT discontinuing my blog! I’m just not going to continue with the photo of the day part of it; I only wanted to try that for a year to see what it would be like to take at least one photo a day and post it (the hardest part!). And now I know!

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