eChanukah: Conversations With My #2 Son

My younger son kindles the Chanukah candles.

I’m still chuckling after this conversation with my younger son last night:

He was reading the English translation of the first Chanukah prayer when he came across a word that truly stumped him . . . and showed what a different era we’re living in.

My #2 son: “Kindle? What does ‘kindle’ mean?”

The candles are burning low.

The prayer commands us to kindle the Chanukah lights. And you know what my boy was thinking . . . how long have e-readers been around?!?

Me (laughing): “No, it’s not that kind of kindle!”

The prayer will never be the same for me now.


2 responses to “eChanukah: Conversations With My #2 Son

  1. I love it. Word recycling.

  2. What a great story!

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