Getting All “Tangled” Up

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are “Tangled.”

I fear the Mister and I finally have crossed a line from which there is no turning back.

We paid ($5 show, natch) to watch an animated movie. Without . . . wait for it . . . our sons.

What next? Buying toys for ourselves? Wait, a minute, I already do that!

Flynn Rider is a goodhearted thief.

Both of us wanted to see “Tangled,” but our younger son said no way, and our older son was glad he’s in San Antonio. I’m happy we didn’t let those naysayers spoil our good time.

“Tangled” is a fun twist (ha ha!) on the tale of Rapunzel, a stolen princess with mega-long, golden hair. Disney’s animation is wonderful, and the action-filled story flows along at a good pace—there was no checking my watch at all.

Rapunzel wields a mean frying pan.

Rapunzel is voiced by pop star Mandy Moore, who sings an array of wonderful songs composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Glenn Slater. Zachary Levi as Flynn only gets to sing one tune, but it’s a dandy duet with Moore. Surprising me with her amazing, powerful set of pipes was Broadway star Donna Murphy, who voices Gothel, the old woman who kidnaps and raises Rapunzel as her own daughter locked away in a tower. I wish more songs had been written for her character; she’s a great singer.

Pascal is a cute chameleon.

Stealing the show are a couple animals—Pascal, Rapunzel’s sassy, cute chameleon, and Maximus, a devoted-to-duty palace horse. Both are clever characters who add to the storyline. Don’t be surprised to see lots of toys based on them.

A stuffed Pascal available for purchase.

In fact, I’m thinking of buying this one for myself!

4 responses to “Getting All “Tangled” Up

  1. Look, I totally want to see this. And if I can’t take my nieces I’m going anyway.

  2. Its called being an empty nester… 🙂

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