A Quotable Sunrise

A brilliant south Texas sunrise lit up the sky this morning.

“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.

The early-morning chill couldn’t stop me from taking photos.

“There is more day to dawn.

I snapped all three pics in my backyard.

“The sun is but a morning star.”

—Henry David Thoreau (“Walden”)

Sidebar: Melba Wixom, my Waukegan High School honors English III teacher, wrote Thoreau’s quote in my 1970 yearbook. I never expected that 40 years later I’d remember what she penned, type it on a computer, and use it in a blog!


2 responses to “A Quotable Sunrise

  1. Beautiful shots. Great quote. The moral of the story is: teachers have an impact. All three of my sisters teach, so I’ve always believed that.

  2. Fantastic images, and love the quote. Beautiful start to my day. Thankyou. Nat

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