A Love Letter

Who can resist that little, golden smile?

Dear Amazon.com:

Thank you so much for making gift-giving easier for me this Chanukah season. My older son is away at college, and I wasn’t sure what to buy him for some of the eight nights. But by selecting the Kindle edition of a book I thought would interest him, I discovered that I could—with one mere click—give it as a gift right to him! I just typed in his e-mail address, and voilá!—it was in his inbox ready to be downloaded.

My #1 son loves nonfiction baseball books.

Making the gift of an ebook so simple meant that my son didn’t feel left out of our Chanukah tradition. And a procrastinator like me could shop at the last minute yet still give him his present on time.

He especially likes to read about old-time baseball.

Easy-peasy digital downloading is great! And now he won’t be cluttering up his already-dusty dorm room with books. I love you, Amazon.com!

Hope you don’t mind that he’ll be reading those ebooks using the Kindle app . . . on his iPad.


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