Galleria Reflections

A metal arch hangs high above a street in Houston’s Galleria.

Last month when I took my life into my hands and drove from quiet suburbia (and my usual 10-mile radius) into Houston’s posh Galleria area, I couldn’t help but notice the large, metal arches that cross the busy streets.

What a great mirror effect!

It was a crystal-clear day, and I was glad I had my Nikon digital SLR along for the ride.

Do my hands look really big?

It was fun getting up close and personal with a reflective metal arch.

The arch reflects the flowers’ beauty.

The city planting gorgeous flowers nearby to be reflected in the shiny metal was fortunate indeed.

Flowers look reflectingly great.

It was nice seeing pretty blooms in a different way.

But one of my favorite reflections that I captured wasn’t viewed via the arch. Instead, I looked just past the metal monstrosity and noticed the sun being reflected off a steel streetlight.

A cool star effect without using a star filter

I was star-struck!

2 responses to “Galleria Reflections

  1. Very cool shots. But it took me a few minutes to accept that I was looking at a place without snow. A place with flowers. And trees. And green. A place not so very far away. What am I doing here?

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