Bug One-Upmanship

A huge bug crawls up the outside (whew!) of my front door.

“Check out this bug!” I said to my younger son last Saturday morning. “It’s huge!”

The bug continues its climb around my front door (which obviously needs a paint job!).

He took a look and clearly was not impressed.

“You want to see a bug that’s a lot grosser?” he asked. “I’ll show you one in the backyard!”

So I grabbed my Nikon dSLR, which already was equipped with the Nikon 105mm macro lens, and followed him outside to the brick wall.

“I want to touch it, but it’s just so creepy,” he said.

A cicada leaves his calling card.

What my #2 son was pointing at was, indeed, gross-looking. But I still had to chuckle.

“That’s an exoskeleton,” I told him. “It’s what cicadas leave behind after they molt. It’s empty inside.”

I think I won this particular round of bug one-upmanship (hey, sounds like a game show!). I’d rather touch something that used to host an insect than a bug that’s big, scary, and still moves any day! No matter how much it creeps me out.

One response to “Bug One-Upmanship

  1. Gross. All I can say is, gross.

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