Natural Distractions

Eric putts near the woods.

Last Saturday after I stopped my Honda Pilot at the park where my younger son was meeting our friend Eric to play disc golf, the kid tried quickly to dismiss me.

“Bye, Mom,” he said, as he grabbed his disc golf bag. “I’ll call you when I need to be picked up.”

I just looked at him and laughed. Did he really think I had slapped my Nikon 105mm macro lens on my Nikon dSLR just so it could sit in my camera bag while I acted like his chauffeur? Sorry, pal.

The breeze blows a fluffy plant around.

Not when there was so much nature just waiting to be photographed!

A delicate weed stands alone.

I’ve snapped loads of pics at this particular park during both of Houston’s seasons (hot and not so hot).

Red berries brighten the brown landscape.

Yet each time I shoot, I see new flora that totally distracts me from the disc golfers I’m supposedly watching.


Most of the time I have no idea what I’m looking at.

More fuzzies!

But it always compels me to snap away.

And even more fuzzies!

It’s not a very big park, but I guess nature doesn’t need a large playground to be entertaining.

Red leaves mix nicely with their green brethren.

I especially was pleased to see that brilliant fall colors were all over the park.

The red leaf provides a welcome contrast to the winter grass.

This definitely is what winter looks like in the Houston area!

A small wasp hive can catch parkgoers unaware.

Even the small amount of wildlife was putting on a show. I’m just glad I saw this little hive before I walked right into it!

All in all, I had a great time while my younger son and Eric played disc golf. Yes, those natural distractions kept me looking the other way much of the time.

My #2 son tries a tough, uphill putt.

But not all the time!

2 responses to “Natural Distractions

  1. Your nature pictures are getting clearer and more gorgeous all the time. How is Jake doing now that he has a quarter under his belt?

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