Better Timing

Is it fall or winter?

According to the calendar, yesterday was the first day of winter.

The leaves show off their brilliant colors.

But here in the Houston area, it sure looks like fall!

Not all the leaves on this tree have turned to red, orange, or yellow.

We still have plenty of green leaves in our master-planned community.

But the handful of deciduous trees makes it seem like we’ve been transported to the northeast . . . albeit a couple months late.

The pretty trees always make me smile.

A year ago I lamented that I missed taking photos of these brilliantly colored trees, because the weather was bad, and I had been sick. It was the first time in the 13 years since we moved to our neighborhood that these wonderful hues had graced our landscape, and I was disappointed that I had blown my photographic opportunity.

This looks like a painter’s palette!

Not this time!


5 responses to “Better Timing

  1. What a treat for you to get to see and photograph!! Don’t you just love fall color? It is my favorite season~ and your photos are great!

  2. I didn’t realize you had trees that changed colors. Will the leaves fall off, too?

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