Our Non-Blue Christmas

My younger son poses with some of his gifts.

We celebrate two December holidays in our house—Chanukah from my side of the family and the Mister’s secular Christmas (really more of a “mas”). When I was pregnant with our #1 son, the Mister and I agreed that we would raise our children to be Jewish. Thus both had their bris when they were eight days old, Bar Mitzvahs at age 13, and attended Sunday School at our local reform synagogue. They identify with Judaism, and I feel we all are part of the chain that links us back to Abraham.

My #1 son holds up Yoshi, a gift from his brother.

Still, we don’t want the Mister to feel left out or forgotten, so we also help him put up his pre-lit Christmas tree (so late this year because both boys were sick so no ornaments made it onto the branches) and exchange presents. Then, of course, we go see a movie!

My favorite things: Chipotle gift cards and a new iPod Shuffle

The Mister is a typical male in that even though Christmas always falls on December 25th (unlike Chanukah, which changes according to the lunar calendar), he starts to panic on, oh, December 20th or 21st. He never thinks or plans ahead when it comes to gift buying. Meanwhile, I’m burning up the iMac’s keyboard ordering from Amazon for months.

Will this be the lucky lottery ticket?

Fortunately, I always overbuy for Chanukah and generously share leftovers with the Mister. Then he and I run out on December 23 and buy small extras. Like scratch-off lottery tickets.

Looks like a winner!

Of course, the problem with lottery tickets is that there’s no guarantee that both or either of the boys will cash. So, naturally, my older son scratched off a $12 winner, while his younger brother only had recyclables. Still, the anticipation was fun.

A Cookie Monster iPhone case for my #2 son

When all the gifts had been unwrapped, there were smiles all around. This definitely was not a blue Christmas. Unless you mean the Cookie Monster case for my younger son’s iPhone 3Gs . . .

My #2 son gave his older brother this blue squeezie.

. . . and this cute little guy!


3 responses to “Our Non-Blue Christmas

  1. My sons both had Chipotle gift cards in their stockings!

  2. Cute little gifts!!

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