365 Slices of Life

My first photo of 2010: My #2 son sleeps on the couch on January 1.

Does this photo look familiar? It seemed like almost every month I snapped a pic of my younger son sleeping for my 2010 Photo of the Day project, which mercifully ended on . . . duh! . . . December 31.

Look how much #2 changed from January to December when this photo was taken!

I launched my 365 photos task with an explanatory post on January 6. I wondered if I could keep up with the challenge of taking a photo every single day and, eventually in my case, posting it to my blog.

My #1 son on his 18th birthday (in February) with a present: iTunes cards

This was where things got a little tricky. Almost all the 365 blogs I’ve seen have been of the stand-alone variety. That’s so much easier than posting a photo every day and blogging Monday through Friday every week, which has been my self-imposed schedule for the last two years.

My older son returns home from college for December’s winter break.

Of course, it should be easy-peasy for an avid photographer like me to snap a pic every day, right? Well, maybe it is for the well-organized, better-motivated photogs. For me, my first thought most days was, “I wonder what today’s POTD will be.” Followed by . . . “Don’t forget to take a photo!”

The college kid saves my POTD project.

And yet I did forget on October 6. Fortunately, my older son had taken a pic with his iPhone 4 of an “A” he had gotten on a test, and he texted it to me. Yes, I guiltily cheated and used it so I wouldn’t have an open spot for that month. But that did mar my perfect record.

I loved shooting photos of dragonflies for POTDs.

Even though I’m glad to be done with the POTDs (January 1 felt so freeing!), because I really don’t like to have to shoot, it was a great experience. I looked at every POTD as a slice of my life, and it’s been fun looking back to see what photos were meaningful to me every day of last year (and those included people, plants, and pests). I want to make a POTD photobook, so my family can easily reminisce in the future.

A proud dad says goodbye to his firstborn son, who we moved in to UTSA.

It was especially fun seeing how much my sons—my favorite though often-reluctant photo models—changed during 2010. Last year my older son turned 18 in February, graduated high school in June, and went off to college in late August.

My #2 son skies during the triple jump.

Meanwhile, my younger son did track in the spring, turned 15 in June, competed in the Amateur Disc Golf World Championships in July, and ran cross-country in the fall.

It’s been a whirlwind year, and I’m glad I documented every day of it.

The final photo!

Especially when I look back at the final photo of the day, which is of our family—my favorite slices of my life!


5 responses to “365 Slices of Life

  1. Congratulations! It’s an amazing achievement, actually. Aren’t you glad we don’t still shoot film? Film? What’s that, the kids will ask.
    Think of what you’ve learned about photography in the past year. Think of the images you’ve captured that you might not have otherwise. You won’t regret it. But I sure can imagine how free you feel. You showed amazing discipline to stick with it.

  2. Love it! Well done.

  3. I hope you stick with it but don’t make yourself do it every day!! Too hard!! I loved seeing all the pictures and reading your comments.

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