Looking Back at 2010, Part I

Disappointment reigns for those who finished behind me at the Aramco Half-Marathon.

Before I can look ahead to writing in 2011, I thought I would recap 2010, which was my second year of blogging here at Random Snippets & Apertures. I managed 261 posts, never missing my Monday through Friday deadline. What I write might not be interesting every time, but I did always come up with something new five days a week.

I had a lot of favorite posts and photos (especially photos!) during the year. It’s been fun using my pics to tell stories as well as vent every now and then and chat about things I notice or what my sons say or text. But since I know you don’t have all day to just read my blog, here are a few of my faves from the first half of 2010.


Richard takes the ball to the basket.

After I took my readers along during the Aramco Half-Marathon (top photo), I revealed my photographic basketball Jones in back-to-back posts.


Even as an "adult," the #1 son still doesn't like me to take his picture.

My blue-eyed boy turned 18 in February.

Is #2 taking biathlon seriously enough?

My younger son had a lot of fun pretending he was a Winter Olympian.


My #2 son warms up for the 4 x 400-meter relay by getting some air.

The high school track season sparked several posts during the spring. In this one, I followed my younger son from start to finish as he led off his freshman team’s 4 x 400-meter relay.

My #1 son and my “third son” Chase pose for me.

Usually my sons run the other way or cover their faces when I put my trusty Nikon dSLR to my eye. But this time my older boy and his BFF, my “third son” Chase, actually asked me to take their pictures for an avatar. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


What could #1 be thinking about? How he rarely wears hats?

With my older son leaving for college in the fall, I thought about all that I was going to miss when he was gone.

Violet petunias are the prettiest in our front yard.

We loved having a spring mix of petunias in our front yard!


Bud beautifully blooms.

I followed an agapanthus bud in our front yard through several stages until it bloomed.

#2 flies through the air with the greatest of ease!

Think you can’t take action photos with a point and shoot? Think again!


The catfish is anxious to get back into the lake.

When I was “fishing” for blog ideas (ha ha!), I was fortunate enough to land a whopper.

My #1 son’s tassel

I “delivered” my commencement speech to my older son and his classmates.

Check in tomorrow for the rest of my look back at 2010!


2 responses to “Looking Back at 2010, Part I

  1. Fantastic shots capturing memorable moments. I love the thought bubbles. I wish I knew how to do that.

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