Winter Break Flies By

My older son concentrates on playing RuneScape on his MacBook Pro.

I remember when I was in college waaaaay back when at the venerable University of Illinois and came home for the month-long winter break. The days seem to drag on and on, and I couldn’t wait to get back to campus to start the second semester.

The comfy #1 son watches “Winter Wipeout.”

Seems the tables have turned, though. When my older son returned home in mid-December for his 26-day break, our clocks paid a very cruel trick on me: They proceeded to speed up instead of slow down. I didn’t want to stop time, but I sure didn’t want it to zoom by either. Yet that’s exactly what happened.

#1 enjoys playing a video game.

Oh, we had a great time together not doing much of anything. We got caught up on “The Office” season six thanks to Netflix and our Apple TV and went to his favorite restaurants that aren’t available to him in San Antonio because he doesn’t have a car.

My “third son” Chase plays RuneScape on his laptop, too.

We also enjoyed having my older son’s buddies hanging around our house once again. Oh, how we’ve missed them, too, especially our “third son” Chase.

Yep, my younger son also is playing RuneScape on the iMac.

Of course, the one member of our family who liked having my college “sons” and friends home most was the one who has been left behind with two and a half years of high school still to slog through. Little brother has missed the older guys so much that he even willingly got in on all the silly, sometimes nonstop RuneScape action (aka Runeing your sleep).

My #1 and #2 sons spent hours talking and playing video games, too. Made my heart glad just to see them together and listen to them chatting away.

Most of #1’s things are ready to go.

But then last Sunday came, and it was time for my boy to return to UTSA and continue on his college journey. Of course, I began to miss him the minute his roommate’s mom’s car pulled out of our driveway.

My impatient son poses for a final photo.

Good thing spring break is in a mere two months!


2 responses to “Winter Break Flies By

  1. It looks like he had a great break and that you made the most of your time together. Good for you. My daughter is still home. Yay! Somehow I think it’s going to be harder for me to have her leave this time than it was in the fall, maybe because the novelty is gone. Also, she is traveling to Cuba over spring break so I won’t see her then.

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