Winter Houston-Style

This looks like a painter’s palette!

Remember this colorful photo of a neighborhood tree from my December 22nd blog post?

Now it’s bare and gloomy.

Almost a month later this is what it looks like. It pales in comparison.

Only a few hardy leaves remain.

Winter has settled in for awhile in the Houston area.

Bare branches reach for the beautiful sky.

Most of the leaves that adorned our prettiest trees during the fall have scattered in the wind or been bagged by the landscape crew.

A totally bare tree contrasts with its green brethren.

However, we’re fortunate that our leaf-droppers are in the minority. We’ve got lots of green trees making it seem like spring is just around the corner.

Greenery overpowers the leafless trees.

I’m looking forward to that day!

2 responses to “Winter Houston-Style

  1. Cry me a river. It’s going to be 15 below zero tonight.

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