An Apology Rose

A Knock Out rose in our front yard soaks up the winter sun.

I’m posting this photo I snapped yesterday of one of our lovely Knock Out roses even though I fear that my Midwestern friends and family will think I’m being mean. They’re suffering through bitter cold and wind chills, while we have plants that are blooming.

The price the Houston area pays for its horribly hot and humid summers? Mostly mild winters with beauty still surrounding us. As I take photos of these fabulous flowers, I think of my blogging pal Trish, who is shivering in Minnesota, and my good buds in the Chicago area, who become downright grumpy when I post pix of my roses on Facebook.

All I can say is . . . sorry! In a mere six months or so, the tables will be turned!!

One response to “An Apology Rose

  1. I always say I’d rather have the heat than the cold. You can always take more clothes off. But thanks for thinking of me. Apology accepted.

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