Disc Golfing With Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster is in our backyard!

Who doesn’t like the Cookie Monster?

There’s just something about those Cookie Monster pajama pants.

Everyone likes the Cookie Monster . . . especially my younger son, who usually sports a Cookie Monster hat (but didn’t when these pics were taken, because it was cold outside). He got pajama pants with his favorite Sesame Street character on them for Chanukah, and they’ve come in handy when he practices disc golf in the backyard.

Sidebar: Everyone might like Cookie Monster, but apparently not everyone knows who he is. When I was at BJ’s restaurant with my #2 son and our friend Eric, a waitress took one look at the Cookie Monster hat #2 was wearing and said, “That’s Oscar the Grouch!” Who is green, by the way.

Fishing for wayward discs in our pool

It’s funny to see my 15-year-old son wearing those bright blue pants.

Trying to toss a wet disc can be difficult.

He looks like the biggest kid on the playground, who undoubtedly is having the most fun.

My #2 son shoots me a grin.

And that really makes both of us smile!


4 responses to “Disc Golfing With Cookie Monster

  1. Where did you get those. I need them.

  2. Hello, here are two Cookie fans and wanted to ask where it still the pyjamas trousers give with hipped kind, unfortunately, we do not find them. please help us!!! Best regards from Germany (Nicole and Sophia)

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