The Brilliance of Winter

The leaves left on David form a pretty palette.

Even though I absolutely hate cold weather, there does seem to be one positive.

Few leaves means plenty of bright blue sky can peek through.

The afternoon sky is downright brilliant on cloud-free days.

David’s bare branches reach for the sky.

It’s almost breathtaking!

A handful of leaves cling to David’s branches.

I snapped these photos of David, our Bradford pear tree, in our backyard last week on a cold, crisp afternoon. David is mostly devoid of his leaves, but the ones that are left are particularly pretty, featuring warm golds and radiant reds.

Red leaves show off.

Surveying that beauty on a daily basis makes winter a little easier to take.

But I still can’t wait to see the buds and green leaves return to David’s branches!


4 responses to “The Brilliance of Winter

  1. These are really lovely images. But once again, I must point out – WINTER is a relative term.

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