The Saddest Happy Day of My Life

“A” is us; “B” is my older son.

February 3rd has been one of the happiest days of my life for 19 years. It’s when my older son was born, making me a mom, the greatest “job” in the world.

But today my happy day is sad, because my #1 son is three hours away in San Antonio attending classes at the University of Texas branch there. This is the first time our family won’t celebrate his birthday together . . . in person.

#1 Skypes with us last night.

We will Skype with my older son tonight, as we did last night (he likes watching certain TV shows with us). I guess that’s the next best thing to being together, but not by a long shot. I miss my boy every day; today being his birthday just makes me miss him even more, if that’s possible.

Happy 19th birthday, my sweet #1 son! “See” you tonight!


3 responses to “The Saddest Happy Day of My Life

  1. In many ways there are two births involved here, both of which you can be very proud. One is the birth of a child and the other is the birth of a son into the early stages of manhood. Nineteen and on – what a pleasure to watch and be involved in college graduation, career development, marriage, the birth of grand chidren, and on. You have a lot of happy times ahead – enjoy!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Number 1. love how you always find ways to be together even when you’re apart.

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