Striking Out at Disc Golf’s Ice Bowl

Red leaves scattered throughout the park give it some color.

After last Friday’s disappointing icy, non-snow day, the temperature warmed up a bit in time for the sometimes appropriately named Ice Bowl on Saturday. In the Houston area, this national disc golf food bank fundraiser can be played in warm conditions, like last year, or in this year’s brisker temps at Agnes Moffitt Park.

My younger son (the only player wearing shorts) cans a post-round lefty putt.

The disc golfers like the course, because it’s challenging without the threat of lost discs (there’s no water).

A large, bare tree dominates the view of the sky.

And as a photographer, I think Moffitt is swell, because it’s a park (duh!) that is perfect for my Nikon 105mm macro lens.

More red leaves

As I walked around the park remembering the first two rules of photographing disc golf (make sure you’re not in a direct line with the basket and don’t get hit in the head), I looked for that wonderful balance of nature vs. athletic competition.

Multiple berries hang from a bunch of trees.

But it was a tough assignment, because there wasn’t a lot growing where I was shooting. The recent harsh weather seemed to have taken a toll on the flora.

Eric lasers a throw towards the basket.

And, after dropping off my #2 son at Moffitt early so I could run errands, I returned a little too late and only was able to catch the tail end of a cooldown round by him and his cardmates.

As for ice? Although a chilly breeze was blowing, it was just too warm out for water to freeze.

It seemed like my timing really was off that day. Too little nature? Strike one! Missed the actual tournament action? Strike two! Icy conditions?

I was out of there!


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