What Love Is

A very supportive Mister for 22 years

With this being Valentine’s Day, it got me pondering about what love truly is. Love can be a casual comment that gladdens one’s heart.

When the Mister and I were at our younger son’s high school track meet Saturday (Thursday’s subvarsity one was colded out, so our little guy triple-jumped for the varsity), I was lamenting that I hadn’t snapped any photos of our head coach’s son, who attends a different school. My #2 son told me after the long jump competition about the lad, who was the winner.

“I’m sure Coach has plenty of good action photos of his son,” I said to the Mister as I tried to cheer myself up.

“Not like yours,” he replied. Made me smile!

Pokéball, go!

Love can be a Nintendo-impaired mom tracking down an elusive Pokémon at Toys R Us for her collegian. My #1 son, who doesn’t have a car at UTSA, couldn’t snag a ride to a TRU in San Antonio to get a Pikachu for his Pokémon game. Little brother had homework to do, so yesterday I volunteered to use #2’s Nintendo DS to wirelessly capture the little, electric character.

Seems easy, right? It’s not when you’ve never so much as turned on the handheld device, though. With #1 helping me via cellphone, I looked at the tiny DS screen in dismay—where’s the “Reader’s Digest” big print version? Even with reading glasses firmly in place, I could barely see what I needed to do. I spent 15 minutes struggling with what would’ve taken the boys maybe 120 seconds—is the A button intuitively “next?” Not in my world!

But in the end I did grab Pikachu and stored him where my older son eventually can transfer him to his own DSi. I don’t need cards or candy to show the boy how much I care—I choose you, Pikachu!

My younger son shows me his heart.

Finally, love can be putting up with your mom as she makes you contort your hands into a heart so she can take a photo. How much does my younger son love me?

An anonymous heart!

Not enough to show his face!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!


2 responses to “What Love Is

  1. Now, THAT is true love. I can say with certainty my uncooperative boy would never have done that. Anonymously or not. You are a lucky one.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Boys! Arnt they funny, oh and “lovey” if thats a word. Natxx

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