Tripping Down POTD Memory Lane

The cover of my POTD photobook

When I looked at the calendar and checked today’s date, I about did a double-take. Wednesday? February 16th? What happened to this week?

Matter of fact, what happened to last week?

A sudden (to unorganized me) Groupon deadline, that’s what. I had bought two Groupons last fall for photobooks, one for $15 (value up to $60) from and the other for $10 (value up to $20) from Kodak Gallery. In my January 4th blog post recapping my photo of the day project, I wrote that I wanted to make a book out of my 365 pix. Some day. Some nebulous time period way ahead in my usual procrastinating future. As in no time soon.

A week or so after I wrote that post, I figured I should glance at the deadline for using the Groupons. Know what stared back at me when I checked online? February 15, 2011. As in OMG!

Dragonflies rock in this photobook.

I knew that I easily could whip up the smaller photobooks that I planned to create on Kodak Gallery. I was just going to use photos. One would be filled with my dragonfly pics.

Flowers take center stage.

The other would blossom with flowers (sorry!).

But the project? That would be my masterpiece, brimming with about 200 pages of photos and text. It would be a book that I would be proud to pass down to my sons, as a remembrance of the year when their mom snapped a photo every day (well, except for poor, pitiful October 6, of course). Future generations would marvel at it and be intrigued by what life was like for our family in 2010.

Gosh darn it, this was destined to be a veritable historical document! Until I saw the deadline. I quickly realized that I would have to put in a lot of hours in a short amount of time just to produce an adequate photobook, let alone one that eventually was headed for the Smithsonian.

One of my POTD blurb book spreads

So that’s what I’ve been doing for a solid 10 days . . . tripping merrily down POTD memory lane in a sleep-deprived manner. Making the travel extra bumpy was software (via that tended to be a little wonky and unintuitive (more PC- than Mac-like), as well as having to do major edits on my POTD descriptions. Calling my sons “#1” and “#2” in my blog is all well and good, but that won’t work for a potential family heirloom. I needed to personalize the impersonalized. Plus I had to tweak everything, including the templates, to get it to fit properly. And, finally, check, double check, and triple check everything for typos (although I’m sure I didn’t catch them all).

This was a mammoth undertaking! Somehow I made yesterday’s deadline for all three books, and I can’t wait to see what they look like in print. But you know what I feel like doing right now . . . and for the next several days?

Go to sleep!

4 responses to “Tripping Down POTD Memory Lane

  1. It’s going to be fanatasic. You are going to be so happy you did this. But, my goodness, you are a deadline pusher. Just like me!!
    Congrats on making it!!
    What a treasure it will be for you and your family… for generations to come.

  2. Oh Susan, Such an achievement! With detailed text too! Massive job. These will be a treasure for you and your family. Your boys will be fighting over them in years to come!

  3. Susan,

    I’m sure they will be wonderful and very much worth the work. I do not believe I have ever made one of my books without pushing some time limit. Procrastination really should be my middle name. I wonder if my mother would mind if I replaced Matilda. 😉

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