Movie Review: “Unknown” Thriller

Much is unknown for Liam Neeson’s main character.

It’s been awhile since the Mister and I forked over five bucks apiece to watch a morning matinee. We put an end to that three-week losing streak by seeing “Unknown,” which seemed intriguing in the trailers. But would it hold up over an hour and 49 minutes? And, even more importantly, is it a must-see in the theater vs. waiting for the rental or Netflix?

Gina drives Martin Harris into an accident.

First, a little background on the thriller: Liam Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris, who is in Berlin with his wife (January Jones) for a conference. They’re about to check into their hotel when he notices he’s left his briefcase back at the airport. While returning for it in a cab driven by Gina (Diane Kruger), an illegal immigrant from Bosnia, the vehicle is in an accident and plunges into a river.

After being in a coma for four days, Harris wakes up in the hospital with a spotty memory and tries to piece his life back together. Complicating matters is that his wife appears to not recognize him, and another man (Aidan Quinn) has taken his identity. So who is the real Dr. Martin Harris?

“Who am I?”

This is a tough movie to pull off without a lot of meaningful dialogue, because I’m sure the writers don’t want viewers to figure out what’s going on too early (the Mister and I were clueless . . . no big surprise there). And it didn’t help that January Jones is a terrible actress in this. I understand why she had to be so wooden and seemingly emotionless; however, I think she went too far.

But “Unknown” is a decent thriller with the most-amazing stunt driving you’ve ever seen. Definitely had my stomach churning. The Mister and I were puzzled, though, at the ending and would like to just see that part again. Could be our chronic cluelessness kicking in, though.

I’d rate this as an adequate matinee-priced movie or a rental if you have a big-enough TV; you’ll need it for the chase scenes. And if you do see it, please let me know how you interpret the ending—that was the biggest “unknown” for us!


4 responses to “Movie Review: “Unknown” Thriller

  1. Did you see Taken? It had Liam Neesan in it also. He hunted down all the bad guys in Paris to find his daughter. I want to see Unknown just because I liked him so much in Taken.

    Did you see Inception? I was very confused in that one, and we all had different opinions about the ending.

  2. Taken was great! Although it did make me worry about Amanda’s trip to Europe next summer with the girl scouts. I don’t think my husband could kick butt like Liam did in the movie.

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