Ending My Adam Sandler Boycott

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler star in “Just Go With It.”

Here’s a little known fact (LKF) about your humble blogger: I boycott Adam Sandler movies.

I never allow my morning-matinee five dollar bill to be tainted by being associated with one of his flicks. Meaning that the Mister always has taken the boys to the theater when they want to see Sandler’s latest bomb feature. He’s not only too lewd and crude for my tastes, but I don’t think he’s funny or talented at all.

Plus he bears a distinct resemblance to an ex-boyfriend. Ugh!

So what made me actually go see Sandler’s latest attempt at a romantic comedy last Saturday?

Ah, my tousled-haired, blue-eyed #1 son! In person!!

This beautiful boy, my older son. We made a quick trip to visit him in San Antonio over the weekend, where I decided to swallow my aversion to Sandler and watch “Just Go With It” with my guys. Surprise, surprise! It wasn’t the worst movie ever!! It was loads better than “Going the Distance” and other recent rom-coms.

Maybe I’m only one of the three people who like her as an actress, but Jennifer Aniston saved the movie for me. I appreciate her light touch, passion, and humor. Playing his assistant Katherine, she was a great comedic foil for Sandler, who can be so obnoxious that you just want to smack him.

Here’s a quick summary of the movie: Sandler plays Danny, a plastic surgeon who pretends to be married to pick up women. Yeah, I know . . . how lame is that? He falls for a gorgeous, young schoolteacher played by gorgeous, young model Brooklyn Decker, who finds a wedding band in his pocket and doesn’t want to be involved with a married man.

So instead of being honest (resulting in a very short movie), Danny concocts a series of lies that spiral out of control once Katherine, who he convinces to play his soon-to-be ex-wife, adds to the charade with a whopper of her own. It makes for a fun romp in Hawaii with surprising results.

Danny rents a couple of kids.

I really enjoyed Danny’s scenes with Katherine’s kids, wonderfully played by spunky Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck. They provided the only believable part of the movie . . . they truly acted like children of a divorced mom who miss their oft-absent father.

“Just Go With It” (rated PG-13 but absolutely NOT appropriate for younger teens) really belongs more in your Netflix queue; however, it’s not bad for matinee prices. Did it make me an Adam Sandler fan, ready to permanently lift my boycott of his movies?

Probably not!

Oscars kudos

It’s hard to tell what the movie is about from this poster’s graphics.

Bravo to “The King’s Speech,” which won the Oscar for best picture of 2010 last night at the Academy Awards! So well-deserved! I love, love, love this movie. Colin Firth, of course, snagged the statuette for best actor . . . he was bloody brilliant.

Adam Sandler could learn a thing or two about good acting from that British bloke!

3 responses to “Ending My Adam Sandler Boycott

  1. Adam Sandler has a long way to go before he touches Colin Firth.
    Thanks for the review. I value your input. I wouldn’t have seen “The King’s Speech” if not for you and it was the best thing I’ve seen in AGES!!!

  2. Thumbs up from me!

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