Photographs and Memories

Love that rare smile from my older son!

While we were visiting my older son in San Antonio over the weekend, I couldn’t wait to snap some photos.

As usual, my #1 son gives up one ear to listen to us blather on.

With him away at the University of Texas branch there, my blue-eyed-boy photo tank is a couple quarts low.

What’s he up to?

It was time to fill it back up until it was overflowing. After all, we wouldn’t see him until spring break in another couple weeks.


As I was merrily snapping away at T.G.I.Friday’s, suddenly someone put a stopper in that photographic memory tank. All too soon, my #1 son remembered why he likes having three hours between us, the spoilsport.

My younger son makes a point.

And speaking of spoilsports, his green-gray-eyed younger brother was just as bad. “Stop taking pictures, Mom!” he growled at me.

It’s not nice to try to throw off my focal point!

One of these days, my precious sons.

One of these days you—and, hopefully, your families—will be so glad that Mom kept snapping away as often as she did.

Photographs and memories will be my legacy to you. So, please, just let me take one more picture!

2 responses to “Photographs and Memories

  1. My son hardly lets me take pictures of him at all any more. I keep reminding him that some day he’ll want them. He’s not buying it right now.

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