February Ends With a Springtime Surprise

Bluebonnets are a wonderful harbinger of spring in the Houston area.

As I was jogging through our neighboring master-planned community last Sunday, I couldn’t help but miss all the flora that typically distracts me during a long run. February freezes killed off plenty of plants, making the landscape seem desolate. I almost was feeling depressed . . . until I spied a bit of blue mixed in with the green and brown.

Bluebonnets! Texas’ beautiful state flower decided to make an early appearance. There only were a few of them, but that really didn’t matter. Just seeing my favorite wildflower made me smile. What a wonderful surprise!

Red wildflowers contrast with the green-brown landscape.

As I Weebled further down the walking trail, I saw a couple small patches of wildflowers. How great was that? It just made my day.

Tiny orange flowers grow close to the ground.

I love seeing wildflowers when I’m trying not to crater during a nine-mile run. They make me stop thinking about how much my legs hurt and start focusing on one important thing:

Delicate pinkish flowers

Spring is almost here!


4 responses to “February Ends With a Springtime Surprise

  1. I think what I miss most in the winter…more than warmth, even…is the color.

  2. I have to jog around Telfair Saturday to see them.

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