Parenting Manual Needed STAT

My younger son kids around with his older brother during our recent San Antonio visit.

This high school sophomore year has been too stressful for my younger son, and it’s really taken a toll on him the last two weeks. Our formerly optimistic, glass-is-overflowing #2 boy has been taking it on the chin from life, and his attitude and physical and emotional health have been crumbling.

As a parent, it is amazingly awful and stressful to watch the child you’ve nurtured and loved through 15-plus years spinning out of control and not being able to effectively help him. If ever a parenting manual is needed, now is the time.

Anyone own one?


6 responses to “Parenting Manual Needed STAT

  1. Wow, I hear the concern in your voice. I have worried about my boy in the same way. At one point I took my son to the pediatrician and left them alone to talk. He’s seen the same doctor for years and I thought he could get a good read on whether I should be really worried. He didn’t think so. We did start to remove some stressers, though. Scaled back some expectations. I asked my daughter to talk to him, thinking he might be more open with her. That didn’t really work. He seemed to get better. If he hadn’t I was going to have one of a couple of grown ups at church who he’s especially close to talk with him. Truthfully, I put the camera away. I think he was afraid to open up for fear what he said or did would end up in the blog. I hate not having fresh family photos but it wasn’t worth making him uncomfortable. I still write about him, but usually based on things that happen in public events. We took him off an acne medication that is associated with depression…accutane. He was pretty close to the end of the course of treatment and his skin had cleared up anyway.
    It’s a really hard time. It was especially scary because I didn’t go through it with my first child. She just breezed through that stage. Everyone kept telling me that’s how teenaged boys act. But trust your gut, if he seems really down, I would take him to his doctor. I’ll be thinking of you. You’re a terrific mom. You know your kids well.

    • Thanks, Trish, I knew you would understand. We’ve been to the doctor with him and are trying our best to help him deal with his problems. Spring break is next week, and we hope this will help him recharge his batteries and lower his stress level. Fortunately, his teachers have been very understanding.

  2. Oh Susan, I wish I had a parenting manual, Id refer to it everyday. They are such complicated little fish! Hope everything is ok, spring break might be a good time for re-grouping and re-grounding. Nat

  3. Susan – Hang in there. We are experiencing much the same from Matt this year. Like #2 this has been Matt’s toughest year. Mel and I are constantly analyzing what we can, should, might do in order to help. Just keep talking to him – even when he doesn’t want to talk to you and follow your instinct!

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