Yeehaw! “Rango” Rides Into Town

Johnny Depp aptly voices “Rango.”

Here’s a quick summary of the animated movie “Rango,” which the Mister, our #1 son, and I saw at the $5 movie yesterday (my younger son opted to sleep in): Possibly the greatest animation ever, fun plot, might be a little scary for the younger kids, and a good movie pick for family viewing over spring break.

Johnny Depp does a fine job voicing Rango, a lizard whose life abruptly changes when his aquarium accidentally is tossed from his family’s car and shatters in the Mojave Desert.

Rango is attracted to Beans (Isla Fisher).

Rango needs to find his true self and help the dried-up town of Dirt and its odd assortment of creature citizens. Will Rango save the day?

Love the owl mariachi band!

“Rango” isn’t destined to be an animated classic like “Finding Nemo” or the “Toy Story” trilogy. The Mister noted that’s partly because reptiles aren’t cute and cuddly. But owls definitely are! What I liked best about “Rango” was a quartet of owls who acted as a mariachi band helping to narrate the story. They added to the Old West feel of the movie, while making us laugh and smile.

Yeehaw, Rango!


2 responses to “Yeehaw! “Rango” Rides Into Town

  1. Cant wait till it comes here. Will take the kidlets as handluggage…, as secretly its me who wants to see it.

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