Roses = Spring

Where are all our roses?

This was how our front-yard rose bushes looked last week. Empty. Desolate. Devoid of color thanks to the cold winter weather.

A solitary pink rose livens up our front yard.

Then the temperatures started to warm up. And our rose bushes are making a comeback!

I can’t wait to see more of these red roses!

Even though we only have three roses right now, I know that a new season is right around the corner

One rosebud means one more rose.

To me, roses mean spring!

3 responses to “Roses = Spring

  1. See, it’s the color I miss. Almost more than the warmth.

  2. We are heading into winter. (yukky). I am already wishing for spring. Not only for the colours of the flowers, but all the festivals we have here. Hmmm, now I think about it, maybe its the food Im looking forward to!

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