Park Buds

The brothers talk disc golf strategy.

Spring break’s theme seemed to be the brotherly bond mixed in with disc golf.

My older son tosses his disc towards the basket.

Not only did my sons have fun playing disc golf in Gonzales on our way home from San Antonio, they also were on the same card as the annual Southwest Handicap Mini began its new season last week. So they experienced the tournament together.

My younger son smiles as he tries to fly in a putt.

It was a winning combination! Thanks to the generous handicap system, my #1 son actually finished in second place. He put $21 in his pocket (#2 earned $6). Cash, exercise, and spending time with your brother—what could be better?

Tristin Lee looks very skeptical.

What could be better for me? Of course, I loved snapping pix of my boys. But it was great to see little Tristin Lee on the course. She’s a year old now and looks like she’s almost ready to start throwing discs with the big guys.

White blossoms start to show off on a bush in the park.

And I loved seeing so many signs of spring in the park.

I wonder what these buds will become.

It seemed like buds were all over the place.

Grown-up pine cones wait for buds to join them.

Some were on the trees and bushes.

The brothers walk to where their tee shots landed.

While others walked, talked, and solidified their brotherly bond. With a little disc golf thrown in for good measure.


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