An Update on My Little Guy

My younger son tees off during last weekend’s Victoria Open.

Earlier this month I wrote about the problems my #2 son has been having coping with school and life. Unfortunately, his physical woes have worsened . . . although he’s still able to shoot a pretty good round of disc golf despite his discomfort.

The kid tries to fly in a putt at last week’s handicap mini.

Tomorrow he’s going in for an outpatient diagnostic test to see if we can get to the bottom of his problems. The Mister and I would really appreciate it if you’d keep our little guy in your thoughts; it would be so nice to finally have some answers. Thanks.


4 responses to “An Update on My Little Guy

  1. Susan – How did the tests go? Did you find out anything?

    • Leslie, thanks for asking! We found out that he has no physical problems, which is excellent news. We do need to work on teaching him to handle stress and anxiety, though.

      • That’s GREAT news! I’m pretty sure that stress and anxiety are hard for all teenagers and especially the boys. At least that’s what we’re experiencing now as well. I’m wishing away our lives to try to get to summer so hopefully Matthew will relax a little! Hang in there! Thinking about you guys!

      • Right back at ya!

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