Everything’s Coming Up Unusual Roses

Roses, roses, everywhere at the Victoria Memorial Rose Garden!

When my younger son was playing in a disc golf tournament in Victoria a couple Sundays ago, I decided to make the two-hour drive to watch him play.

Yep, it’s the yellow rose of Texas.

Of course, he was the number one reason for that journey. But it sure didn’t hurt that the tourney venue was in Riverside Park, home of the Victoria Memorial Rose Garden.

A beautiful multicolored rose

When you walk into the garden, your senses are overwhelmed by fragrance and beauty. I had never seen so many gorgeous roses!

An unusual-looking yellow rose

As much as I love all the pink, white, red, and yellow roses, I was stopped in my tracks by a plethora of multicolored blooms.

Another odd mixture of colors

These hybrids were knockouts!

This rose almost glows.

As you can imagine, I was in photographic heaven.

A striped rose is a rose is a rose!

My favorite multicolored rose looked like it had stripes. It’s called a Scentimental . . . I’m sure the pun is intended!

An unusual name for an unusual rose

Scentimentally sensational!


3 responses to “Everything’s Coming Up Unusual Roses

  1. Wow EM,

    I can see using some of these for my walls of flowers!! Can’t wait to see you Friday!!
    Big Sister

  2. Beautiful! Cant believe the varieties!

  3. Oh, geez, I can almost smell them. We have a beautiful public rose garden in Minneapolis. Won’t be visiting that for, what, maybe two months, though?

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