Blue-Purple Beesness

A bee hones in on a bluebonnet in Victoria.

The scariest part of shooting wildflowers is sharing space with bees and wasps.

There he goes!

I know that the bees are essential for pollination and making honey. Yeah, I get that.

Bees love bluebonnets, too.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t scare the bee-jeesus out of me when they move towards me if I zoom in too closely. Don’t they like the beesarazzi?

Bee-less purple daisies (actually, blue-eyed grass)!

These pretty purple flowers were growing close to the bluebonnets. Know why I liked them? One reason, of course, was their beauty. But the other?

No bees!

2 responses to “Blue-Purple Beesness

  1. Bee-jeesus…that’s a good one.
    Love the blue bonnets for both of the reasons you do.

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