My Favorite Disc Golfer Through the Texas States Years

My younger son tees off on the final hole last Sunday at Texas States.

As I watched my #2 son play the final hole of the Texas States disc golf tournament last Sunday, I started to see him in a different light. Standing before me showing poise and well-honed technique was a young man who truly has grown up over the last four years of playing this often-humbling sport.

Isn’t he cute? #2 rears back during the 2008 Texas States.

My boy was a mere pup of 12 years old when he played his first Texas States in 2008. He had tossed his first disc into a basket just five months prior to that big event.

#2’s good friend George caddied for him in 2008.

He was instantly hooked! Soon disc golf would become more important than even flag football, another sports love.

Putting through the trees at the 2009 Texas States.

Showing a poise that belied his 13 years, my younger son learned to endure the ups and downs of the sport the following year.

Trying to put the disc close to the basket in 2009.

As they say, a bad day playing disc golf is better than the best day in school!

Putting at the 2010 Texas States

Last year saw a 14-year-old teenager standing tall among the much-older competitors.

Ready to rip his tee shot in 2010

My younger son was growing disc golf-wise in terms of distance, accuracy, strategy, and self-confidence.

My #2 son makes his final putt last Sunday.

Who could have guessed that four years ago the “simple” act of tossing a plastic disc into a metal basket would grow into a passion for my boy? He always had preferred team sports, excelling at football, baseball, and basketball. Yet here he was beating guys old enough to be his father.

These last four years playing disc golf have been wonderful for my younger son, despite the highs and lows, drives into trees, lost discs in the water, and missed putts. The friendships he’s made will last a lifetime as his skills continue to flourish.

I’m looking forward to watching and documenting that growth at many Texas States tournaments to come!


One response to “My Favorite Disc Golfer Through the Texas States Years

  1. Love travelling through time. Also love his facial expressions. Way to go #2!!

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