“Source Code”: Science Fiction + Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal—need I say more?

My weekend filled with movie hunks (which started with “The Lincoln Lawyer”) ended last Sunday with “Source Code.” Which stars Jake Gyllenhaal.

Can you overdose on eye candy? If so, what a way to go!

Gyllenhaal gets to time travel . . . but only for eight minutes.

The official tagline for the movie is: “Change the past, save the future.” I would switch that to: “Don’t you dare fall asleep for even a minute or you’ll be even more confused.”

Michelle Monaghan plays a woman worth saving.

Gyllenhaal plays Capt. Colter Stevens, who inexplicably finds himself in the body of a history teacher on a Chicago commuter train sitting across from a woman who seems to know him . . . but he, of course, doesn’t know her. We and he finally find out that he’s part of a military experiment (the source code) that allows someone to relive the last eight minutes of a dead person’s life. Weird, right?

Vera Farmiga is on the other side of the source code.

The military wants Stevens to go back into the past to find out who bombs the train that the teacher and the woman die on in order to prevent a future terrorist act. Stevens has to keep reliving this final eight minutes in order to find the bomb and then the bomber . . . kind of “Groundhog Day” meets “Lost.”

Naturally, a love story has to get twisted up in this exciting sci fi thriller that I really enjoyed. Plus the ending really threw me for a loop making me want to relive the last eight minutes I spent watching. Especially watching Jake Gyllenhaal!


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