Beauty Without Beasts

Pink evening primrose intermingles with red phlox drummondii.

When I was snapping wildflower pix earlier this month, I wasn’t always dodging bees. Fortunately.

It’s easy to see how the Mexican hats got their name.

Most of the time I could roam among the beauty without worrying about what I might be disturbing.

Orange flowers brighten the landscape.

The ability to drink in all that beauty without bee-ing ready to run away felt freeing.

I love these Indian Blankets!

There are so many gorgeous and different wildflower colors that you don’t want to just snap and flee.

This is an Indian Blanket aberration.

But when you’re out in nature, you have to realize that this isn’t your habitat. You are just a visitor among the bees, bugs, and wildflowers.

A small bee and bugs enjoy the little yellow daisies.

When it comes to this much beauty, you don’t mind dealing with a few beasts. Well, as long as they’re not stinging you.

Happy Earth Day!


2 responses to “Beauty Without Beasts

  1. Really beautiful pictures, EM!

    Are you putting your pictures on a site where visitors can order them in different sizes?

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