Disc Golf Helps Us Commune With Nature

My younger son drops in a putt.

I don’t know about other families, but when we have an open Saturday, we tend to head to a park.

Especially one that has disc golf baskets.

The Mister putts while seated for some reason.

While the Mister and our younger son concentrate on throwing discs, I focus on snapping a few photos of them . . .

An Indian Blanket shows off its multicolored beauty.

. . . along with many more of whatever nature has to offer.

The pine trees stretch high into the sky.

A couple Saturdays ago we visited Timber Lane Park in Spring, Texas, which features a nine-hole, very-wooded disc golf course.

Crimson clovers dot the landscape with red.

It wasn’t a very big park, but there was enough eye-candy nature to keep me busy.

A purply stalk stands tall.

It doesn’t take a lot of room for wildflowers and flora to grow.

Despite the drought, the grasses look healthy.

Of course, I wasn’t going to be content to just snap disc golf and plants. I needed to have a “flying” challenge to keep my photographic juices going.

I’m glad it’s not an aggressive kind of bee.

Fortunately, there was a spot that had a different kind of bee than those aggressive honey bees that don’t like me snapping pix of them. That was a welcome change!

A damselfly rests.

Close by was a small damselfly. Those flyers were nice, of course, but you know what kind of winged insect I like best, right?

Hello, gorgeous!

A dragonfly, of course! This was the only one I saw, and it was nice enough to stop and pose for me.

All in all, it was a wonderful Saturday adventure: The guys enjoyed playing disc golf, while I got my fill of nature, both firmly planted in the ground and usually buzzing around in the air.


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