The Royals Steal My Date

Where could this invitation be?

I must admit that I’m miffed at Prince William and Kate Middleton. And it has little to do with the fact that my invitation to their wedding tomorrow obviously was lost in the mail.

Sidebar: I prefer to think that my invite merely failed to fly from England and land in my mailbox in the Houston area. It would be too traumatic to be lumped with disgraced-royal Fergie as a noninvited guest!

The lovely couple on our wedding day 21 years ago tomorrow

Actually, I’m annoyed that the two picked my own wedding day as their own! Which means we’ll share an anniversary for years to come (but maybe not forever, knowing the royals . . . or knowing the Mister and myself).

Kate and William, the wedding date thieves

I guess it’ll make it easier to remember my own wedding anniversary in the future!


10 responses to “The Royals Steal My Date

  1. Oh, my, Happy Anniversay. You were a lovely bride! Let’s hope the royal couple’s married life is as filled with love and joy as yours. And with children as wonderful and accomplished.

  2. Happy Anniversary! It’s seems like just yesterday that I was enjoying the wedding festivities (how time does fly). I remember having a great time with our family and meeting your many friends from the Houston area. Also the lovely traditional wedding cake plus a groom’s cake for the Mister in the shape of a running shoe. Wishing you a VERY Happy Anniversary. Hugs and Kisses, Aunt Sandy

  3. Looks like my Great Aunt Marna (my grandma Betty’s sister) shares the same anniversary with you and Uncle Rick. They are celebrating 72 years!

  4. dearest EM,

    What an attractive couple you two youngsters were. It was such a happy occasion for our family–really the last get together (and last child’s wedding) that Daddy attended. I wish I could wish myself back there. I loved your wedding–simple, homey and full of love. How great that you are still together after all of these years!


    Frannie FuGashie

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