“Anyone home?”

Yesterday afternoon as my younger son and I were working away on various projects in the dining room, we heard a noise at one of the windows that run along the sides of our front door. We investigated and saw a little blue jay who really wanted to come inside.

The welcome mat is NOT for birds!

So, of course, we went out the back door and walked to the front to get a better look. Nervously, of course, because I well know how protective momma birds can be (kind of like mommas of cute sons!).

“Hey, I’m talking to you!’

This little guy (who we named “Hoppy”) would not leave us alone! He would move from the front door and hop around the roses, finally jumping on a windowsill. Eventually he’d return to his favorite spot at the front door, trying to fly up so he could see inside the window. I guess he was looking for a bigger nest.

The baby jay’s got game!

When we were back inside . . . without our feathered friend, thankfully . . . my #2 son decided to see what the little jay would do if he pretended to toss it a small basketball. Every time he did, the bird would open its beak as wide as possible and screech . . . I’m not sure if it thought it was something tasty or it wanted to play!

“Got any worms?”

I guess the poor, little thing was hungry. Where was its mother?

Who hasn’t read that book?

Nope, it definitely wasn’t me! Adoption was not an option.

“What am I, chopped liver?”

There she is! Now, go home, Hoppy!

2 responses to “Birdbrain!

  1. Cuuute! Did they reunite? Wait, don’t tell me unless there’s a happy ending. Only happy endings allowed.

    • I think Hoppy’s parents finally corralled him. But guess who stopped by this afternoon again! I did notice his Momma close by. I have today’s photos of him on my Facebook page.

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