Hoppy Returns!

Hoppy looks for a way to get into my office through the window screen.

Remember Hoppy, our baby blue jay? The little birdbrain returned the following day.

I was sitting in my office Friday afternoon and was startled by the sound of something hitting the window screen. Who else could it be? Hoppy!

Hoppy settles into a rose bush near my older son’s bedroom window.

Soon the so-ugly-he’s-cute little guy hopped down the front yard landscaping and jumped into a rose bush. He looked a little plumper and more settled. Maybe his parents scolded him about wandering off. He didn’t visit again the rest of the weekend.

Hoppy checks us out.

It could be that the next time we see Hoppy, he’ll finally be using his wings. Hope he doesn’t try to fly into our windows to get our attention!


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