Disc Golfing With Glive

Glive is wide-eyed for the camera.

Remember Glen V, the baby of our disc golf friends Kelly and Glen? Both times I’ve seen him, he’s been sound asleep the entire visit. That’s no way to treat a photographer who wants to focus on a pair of beautiful eyes!

So when my younger son and the Mister said they were going to join the Glens for a round of disc golf about a week ago, I was ready with my camera. As you can see, I finally was able to snap a pic of Glive (our family’s shorthand nickname for Glen Five) with those pretty peepers staring right back at me.

My baby putts.

Then it was time to head to a small, local park to clang some chains.

Glive roots for his dad to make a putt.

Glive traveled in style through the grass and trees in an off-roading stroller.

The Mister throws his upshot.

Somehow the park department had shoehorned nine baskets on very little acreage.

Glen lasers in a putt.

But it was a nice spot for practice on a warm, sunny day.

Glen’s friend Guy tries to get close to a basket.

After a round of nine holes, the Mister drove off in search of drinks, the other three guys continued playing, and I got to spend time pushing and singing to Glive to keep him from fussing.

My #2 son escapes from the brush.

It reminded me of what life was like almost 16 years ago with my own baby boy. Before we know it, Glive will be throwing discs just like his dad. Guess I’d better savor these baby moments while I can!


4 responses to “Disc Golfing With Glive

  1. Ohh, that really puts me in the baby mood. He is adorable.

  2. What a cute baby boy, EM! How old is he?

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